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    xpert Dentist Dr. William Caldon Says Anyone Can Afford to Keep Their Natural Teeth for a Lifetime

    Dr. William P. Caldon, D.M.D., owner of High Peaks Dental, details five affordable and actionable ways people can avoid dentures and keep their teeth healthy and happy throughout their lives.

    Plattsburgh, NY — Jan 29, 2015 — Longtime Plattsburgh dentist Dr. William Caldon published a new blog post entitled “5 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime.” In the article, he explains that it costs relatively little money and takes relatively little time to maintain good oral health over the course …

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    Premier Plattsburgh Dental Practice Says Holiday Candy Is a Big Problem for Teeth

    Dr. William P. Caldon, D.M.D., owner Plattsburgh’s High Peaks Dental, explains how even an “innocent” piece of holiday candy can be detrimental to teeth by prompting the formation of cavity-causing plaque.

    Plattsburgh, NY — Dec 30, 2014 — Well-known Plattsburgh dentist Dr. William Caldon published a new article entitled “Why Holiday Candy Is a Serious Cavity Culprit.” In the article, he cautions holiday revelers against indulging in seasonal candies and treats, while also offering several methods for lessening sugar’s damage to teeth.

    Says Caldon, …

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    Dr. Caldon - Bad Breath

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6 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Just because grandma and grandpa have dentures doesn’t mean you’re next in line. In fact, more and more people are able to keep their natural teeth throughout their entire lives these days …

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Why Holiday Candy Is a Serious Cavity Culprit

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

How many times have you found yourself reaching for handful after handful of candy in the midst of the holiday season?  We’re all guilty of a little indulgence come December, but …

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Secrets to Preventing Bad Breath

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

There’s no beating around the bush — bad breath stinks. Whether you’re dealing with your own morning breath or somebody else’s bad breath, it can be a serious issue for both your health …

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