Dentistry From The Heart

Letter from Kyla Relaford
Director of the Educational Opportunity Program
SUNY College at Plattsburgh:

September 17, 2013

To the entire High Peaks Dental Team,
This past Saturday, September 14 was truly a wonderful day for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students from SUNY College at Plattsburgh. We had the opportunity to bring six of our students to your Free Dental Day for cleanings and consultations. Our students have severely limited personal and medical resources, but they do understand the value of dental health. They were thrilled to participate in this special day!
Our students commented that High Peaks Dental is not only a beautiful space, but that the staff was friendly and caring. In fact, one student commented that she has never had such a thorough and careful dental cleaning. The students felt that, even though they don’t have the resources many others have, they received the same outstanding care at this event.
Most businesses don’t dream or dare to volunteer time and resources. High Peaks Dental is a stand-out organization in this regard. And while the Free Dental Day may only be once a year, we know that you are going above and beyond throughout the year. You are a leader in offering free or discounted services and working with your patients to find ways to appropriately finance their medical needs. You do all of this while also providing patients with only the latest technology and equipment…not to mention a smile and real respect for privacy.
I am proud to call High Peaks Dental my own provider, and our students are now spreading the word too! Again, THANK YOU from all of us in EOP.

Free Dental Day
September 14, 2013

Dr. Michael O’Connor, Dr. William P. Caldon and Dr. Donnon “DJ” O’Neill along with the volunteer staff from High Peaks Dental and other local dental offices will host the North Country’s 7th annual Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) event – providing a free day of dental care on a first come first served basis to residents of the North Country.

In the past, people have been arriving as early as 2:00 AM the day of the event, with many prepared to camp out in order to receive free services. Over the years, Dentistry From The Heart patients have traveled from across New York, Vermont and Canada to High Peaks Dental located at 675 Route 3, Suite 201, Plattsburgh, NY for the annual free day of dentistry, which happens this year on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

In 2001, Dentistry From The Heart started with New Port Richey dentist Dr. Vincent Monticciolo as a means of giving back to the community and providing dental care to the growing number of Americans without dental insurance. Since its inception, Dentistry From The Heart has grown to include over 200 annual events nationwide and provided more than 45,000 people with free dental services.

Annually, Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Caldon, Dr. O’Neill and their team of dentists, volunteers and sponsors provide the first arriving patients, 18 years or older, with a free extraction, filling or cleaning. This is the 7th annual event for High Peaks Dental, which has donated more than $160,000 in free dental care to more than 500 North Country residents. Come early and enjoy the day!

For further information call High Peaks Dental at 518-563-8622.


The Official Dental Service Provider of USA Luge

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