Dr. Caldon, DMD Shared His Expertise On Smiles inOut Front” And Has Written About Achieving Success In The Upcoming “Breaking Through” with Nido Qubein

As a dentist with 20 years of distinguished service in the United States Air Force, Dr. William Caldon, DMD was stationed everywhere from Michigan, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey to England and Southern Italy. For the past 17 years, he’s helped build a thriving small town practice (High Peaks Dental) in the New York “northern tier” communities of Plattsburgh and Lake Placid with his fellow co-owners Dr. Michael O’Connor and Dr. Donnon “DJ O’Neill.

In September, 2013, the well traveled professional finally made it to Hollywood – receiving the prestigious Quilly Award from the Academy of Bestselling Authors during a Gala Affair at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where the very first Academy Awards ceremony was held in 1929. Dr. Caldon received the red carpet treatment to celebrate the success and bestselling status on Amazon of “Out Front: Business Strategies from Frontline Entrepreneurs,” a volume published by CelebrityPress in 2012 that focuses on a range of successful business and interpersonal strategies.

He contributed a chapter that is dental-centric but which every star or aspiring star in Hollywood can relate to: “A Beautiful Smile: A Key To a Bright and Successful Future.” His detailed discussions about dental caries and periodontal disease are couched in personal accounts of people whose lives were vastly improved by having dental work done that improved their smiles – and thus their lives. He has spent over 37 years repairing smiles and is proud to contribute to the national conversation regarding the importance of image in the workplace.

A key paragraph in Dr. Caldon’s chapter summarizes his overall theme—and perhaps foreshadowed his eventual turn on the red carpet on Hollywood Boulevard. He writes: “Although both of these gentlemen were blue collar workers and were not likely to become Fortune 500 CEOs, both realized the importance of an attractive smile in today’s society. And these are not isolated incidents. We see these life changing occurrences almost every day in our practice. A radiant smile is universally recognized as a sign of health, vitality and success. When we look at models and spokespersons in national magazines and on television, they universally display lustrous smiles. The Hollywood stars that we see on the big screen, with the exception of Steve Buscemi and a few character actors, all seem to have that perfect smile.”

Caldon says of his moment in the spotlight that is part of an overall media campaign for “Out Front,” “It’s quite a surreal experience for a guy raised in a small town in Kentucky who practices dentistry in small communities in New York to be at an event under the spotlight in Hollywood,” he says. “It’s not me in a sense, but I really enjoyed the experience. It was so much fun to tie the festivities to the important themes in the book. I feel like I am undergoing a whole new educational process about using modern media in marketing myself as an expert in the field of dentistry and building a successful practice. The business and dental knowledge that professionals like myself take for granted are actually tools that can help many people who are looking for that breakthrough success.”

After a brief book signing tour, Dr. Caldon appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox to discuss the book and its theories. Dr. Caldon has also been featured in USA Today as an expert in the field of dentistry and will receive his Expy award in New York in April 2014. His status as a bestselling author is opening media doors on a local level where it can most directly impact his practice as well. He was sought out as an expert and interviewed by TV stations in Plattsburgh and Burlington, Vermont; the Plattsburgh station asked him to appear every month as a dental expert in a special feature during a local news broadcast.

Dr. Caldon’s next publishing endeavor has given him the great opportunity to work with one of his heroes, Nido Qubein, a businessman, motivational speaker, consultant and President of the private North Carolina liberal arts college High Point University since 2005. The Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the National Speakers Association Foundation, Qubein is the author of various bestselling books, including “Stairway To Success: The Complete Blueprint for Personal and Professional Achievement,” “How To Be a Great Communicator: In Person, on Paper and on the Podium” and “How To Get Anything You Want.”

Dr. Caldon says that Qubein is the embodiment of the American Dream, “who came over to the U.S. from the Middle East at age 11 with 50 cents in his pocket and not speaking English, and is now involved in a vast array of endeavors which encourage the success of thousands of businesspeople. He took over what was once a run of the mill university, setting a goal to make the school #1 in academics and athletics, and he helped achieve all that while changing the culture of the whole campus to one of extreme excellence.”

Qubein is the anchor author, among many of today’s most prominent professionals and business minds, of “Breaking Through,” which includes a key chapter by Dr. Caldon called “Achieving Success: Not Just For The Rich and Powerful.” Dr. Caldon starts the chapter by referencing stories in real life and in fiction, from Bilbo Baggins and Abraham Lincoln to Notre Dame’s “Rudy” and Qubein himself, who come from the humblest of beginnings to achieve unbelievable greatness.

After mentioning golfer David Feherty’s quote “It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success,” he writes about his own humble beginnings in rural Kentucky. Though his mother only had the equivalent of a ninth grade education and his dad only completed eighth grade, they both highly valued education and made great sacrifices so that he could attend a unique prep school called Covington Latin School. At the very early age of 15, Dr. Caldon became the first member on either side of his family to finish high school. While engaged in some youthful escapades like drinking, he got poor grades at Thomas More College. His good fortune to start dating his future wife Margaret leads to the first tenet of success he discusses: “Associate with and learn from people who are better, smarter and more successful than you are.”

Completely stepping away from his earlier chapter’s illustrative focus on dental techniques, Dr. Caldon smartly weaves colorful personal anecdotes—including some about his 20 year military career–around a series of other tenets of success: Exhibit Discipline;

Have clearly defined measurable goals; Make use of mentors and coaches; Perform with an attitude of service and giving back; Use a basic set of core values as your compass in making decisions; Persevere when times get tough; Strive for constant growth; Sustain a consistently high level of health and wellness.

Dr. Caldon closes his chapter by saying that if you do all these things, “Then you too, regardless of where you begin, can achieve high levels of success.”

The growth of High Peaks Dental since the mid 90s provides ongoing proof that Dr. Caldon has always been an expert in understanding what it takes to achieve goals – an expertise that is now justly receiving wide recognition via his status as a bestselling author in these business books and his current media exposure.

Having the good fortune of partnering with Dr. O’Connor, a popular dentist who had been part of the Plattsburgh community for years, Dr. Caldon became the catalyst for changing the face of the practice. Over the next handful of years, he helped expand the original location beyond its longtime set up as a single four treatment room office to a second office in Saranac Lake (which is now the Lake Placid location). As Dr. Caldon’s vision for a larger business that better served the community (or as he called it, “conscious capitalism”) took shape, Dr. Caldon and Dr. O’Connor later added another partner , Dr. O’Neill. Their dental staff also includes their associate Dr. Andrea Beanan, DDS.

When Dr. Caldon joined the practice, it had one office, four treatment rooms and four employees. The two offices now have 36 employees and 15 treatment rooms total, with extra space that can accommodate up to 29 treatment rooms. Dr. Caldon’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills played major roles in growing the business.

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“Our vision now,” he says, “is to have our original Plattsburgh office as a central hub for our practice with a few general dentists and several specialists, and satellite offices which will refer their specialty patients to these specialists – which include oral surgeons, periodontists and pediatric dentists.”

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