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Efficient Dental Restorations

Restoring Your Beautiful Smile

Preventative measures will always need to be part of a general oral health plan. In circumstances where damage has already been done, however, more intensive procedures may be needed to bring teeth back to their healthy appearance and function. 

The staff at High Peaks Dental will keep you informed on the options that will relieve pain, repair damage, improve your bite, and get you back to normal function and appearance.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost. Through a surgical procedure, these artificial roots and teeth are placed directly into the bone. Implants replace teeth. They also relieve pain, restore chewing ability, and improve facial tissues in the process. 

Dental implants are natural looking, secure, and durable. They last for years. 

Implants require a process that can take a series of months to complete. After being placed into the bone by an oral surgeon, the implants must be given several months to heal and form into the bone. 

For a proper fit, several fitting and adjustment appointments may be required at our office. Maintenance of your new implants is up to you. Following directions, forming good habits, and taking proper care will get you the longest wear out of them.

Dental Bridges

Another way to replace lost teeth is a bridge consisting of multiple crowns spanning across the missing teeth. This permanent fixture is typically made of porcelain on top of the metal and fits over existing teeth. 

A bridge can last for years with proper care. Depending on your needs and circumstances, bridges are the solution to many of the same issues that implants are used for. A few appointments are usually needed for adjustments and fittings, as well as a final appointment to have the bridge fixed permanently. 


Dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. They can be full appliances or partials. Natural existing teeth may need to be prepared for dentures to fit properly. Teeth may have to be removed and given a chance to heal before new dentures are placed. 

Immediate dentures are available before a complete set is made after the healing phase. They are prepared in advance and immediately put in once the teeth are removed. However, adjustments for comfort and fit may need to be made once healing takes place. This may require several appointments. 

After a proper fit has been achieved, dentures may take some getting used to. Over time, a patient’s smile is enhanced with easy-to-care-for dentures.

Root Canals

A root canal may be needed to relieve severe pain or sensitivity being caused due to intense decay that has reached down into the root. Many times an infection is present. The affected tissue needs to be removed. The nerve canal will be reshaped and filled with a special material and finally sealed to help prevent future infection. 

A tooth with a root canal requires a protective crown after the core has been exposed.

White Fillings

Back in the day, silver or gold fillings were used. Now we know that composite, made of quartz resin, offers a white, natural-looking option. 

The fillings are used to fix teeth that have been damaged by decay and / or fractures. The impaired portion of the tooth will be removed and that portion will be replaced with composite filling. These fillings are attractive because they match existing teeth and will last for years to come. 

Fillings can be done during one appointment. Anesthesia is necessary in order to allow the dentist to remove decay and apply medication to further protect nerve endings. The filling is shaped and smoothed to ensure the tooth maintains its authentic look and feel. 

Patients should be prepared to notice some temporary temperature sensitivity for a period of time after fillings are done.

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