“Putt is very kind and efficient – I was nervous about my cleaning but everything went well! I’ve been coming here for 13 years and have always received wonderful treatment.”


“With over 60 years of dentist phobia, I came to High Peaks Dental, filled with fear and dreading my procedure. My fear of the dentist is in my bones, it’s been with me for so long. And here I am, all done, and anxious to come back to get the rest of my work done! I WANT to come back. I want to have all my work done. The staff here is phenomenal! They didn’t mind working with a frightened old woman, were taking their time with me. They’re magic!”


“I had the pleasure of meeting Sue Friedman today. She was very informative; her technique was very gentle and thorough. I think this was the best cleaning I have experienced. Sue works in a friendly and professional manner. I feel she is an asset to the team at High Peaks Dental. I would like to mention others, but feeling that I would accidentally leave some names out, I won’t. I must say the entire staff is courteous. They really make me feel comfortable in a sometimes otherwise uncomfortable situation. Everyone works well together.”

Dennis L.

“Michael is an old acquaintance. It was nice to see him in his capacity as a dentist. He is good at it.””As soon as I arrived, it became clear that the strategy of HPD was to present a friendly and welcoming environment. I didn’t think it would matter to me but if did. Very nice! The equipment and technology used appeared to be up to date and the staff seemed competent. Having spent many unpleasant hours in dentist chairs over six decades, I brought my usual wariness to the appointment and was completely disarmed by this experience. Employees appear to be genuinely cheerful and engaging. That meant a lot.”

Ellen Y.

“5 stars all the way! I have a long history with dental procedures and the atmosphere, people and most importantly the dentist receive me as a friend and sincerely want the best care for me and are willing to listen to any concerns I may have. Dr Caldon has gone above and beyond all my expectations and I honestly look forward to having this care and attention to my smile and oral care.”

Penny P.

“I can’t say enough positive things about the care and professionalism of working with Peggy. She takes the time to not only do her job well, but to ensure the comfort (and piece of mind) of the person in the chair.””Took advantage of the online confirmation feature in my appointment reminder. Nice service!””Dr. Beanan is a great addition to the High Peaks Family!””Again, Peggy is the driving force behind my smile, lol!”

Christie S.

“I have never felt this comfortable in a dentist’s office before. The treatment was relatively painless and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. My husband and I are very happy with the services provided here and plan to be patients for a long time.”

Kristin W.

“Dr. Caldon is a remarkable man he makes me feel so comfortable and is so gentle!!!!”
“Jessica is who I always speak with when I call or get calls from high peaks and she is the most sweetest girl she is always so pleasant”
“Love going somewhere where they know you by name makes me feel great!!!!”
“Mallory was the assistant during my procedure and she was so wonderful!!! so sweet and very professional and knows what’s going on never second guessed herself knew what the Dr. wanted at all times!!!”
“Couldn’t of asked for such a wonderful group to work on me”
“They always try to work around my work schedule”
“I have never had a bad experience at this office from day one. They have been so wonderful. After a 5 1/2 hour procedure yesterday Dr. Caldon took a moment out of his night to call me at home and check up on me it was so sweet and wonderful that he cares enough about his patients!!!”

Rhonda G

I am a person with an anxiety disorder and have been to many dentist in the past and have always been terrified!! My friend recommended High Peaks Dental and now it has been over 15 years. The Doctors and Staff have helped me overcome my fears and have been very understanding and kind! I now look forward to my visits! :)

Todd B

I am normally not a fan of visiting the dentist. However, I actually had fun at my appointment. Everyone was very cheerful and welcoming. Can’t wait to go back.

Beverly V


Brian & Christie S.

“The Staff was very professional and helpful. My Husband and I were very pleased by everyone in the office. Your Practice is very warm and friendly place. I will definitely recommend you to anyone. We left saying that we’d never had such a good experience at a dental or medical office before! Thank you for the great service!” – Brian and Christie S.

Christian K.

“High peaks is the only dentist I have been to ever. Doctor O”Connor is really awesome. You guys always help me especially when I have emergencies.” – Christian K.

Jean B.

“I was surprised they knew me by name because it was only my second visit. Very nice. Best dental practice I ever went to.” – Jean B

Kenneth B.

“You don’t get any better greeting than what was received from Karen A. She was like a family member greeting me. Patricia was there within minutes, greeting me with a warm smile and very welcoming. On a scale of 1 to 10 a 10+ ” – Kenneth B

Brittany S.

“The staff at High Peaks Dental fit me right in after I was in a bicycle accident. They were comforting and sympathetic of my injuries and took a gentle approach to help heal and fix my injuries.” – Brittany S.

Julie M.

“Putt is the BEST! Never let her go! I have very sensitive teeth, and High Peaks makes the experience of going to the dentist much easier to deal with. Thanks, High Peaks!” Julie M.

Dan B.

“Dr. O’Neill was great. I have never had a dentist that was friendly and pleasant as this man. After my first visit I can not imagine allowing any other dentist to treat me. Front desk staff were excellent, friendly and extreme prompt with care. Again, I can not say enough good things about Dr. O’Neill. Ruth was outstanding and extremely friendly. She made the time before seeing the dentist and getting my cleaning enjoyable. I can not imagine anyone not wanting to use this practice. Best dental I have ever had. I have never felt more comfortable – from start to finish.” — Dan B

Kate D.

“The atmosphere at High Peaks is calming and spa-like. The Doctors and their staff have gone above and beyond my expectations in terms of friendliness, professionalism, and skill.I’m truly grateful to have found High Peaks.” – Kate D.

Debbie P.

“I rate High Peaks with a 5. Very professional in every way . Made me feel welcome and important and very friendly with a smile . They are always there to please and work with you.” – Debbie P.

Bill P.

“Warm and professional staff always makes going to the dentist, just another errand, never had a bad experience nor any pain; free follow-up if any adjustments needed. I’m a Long-term patient from Saranac Lake.” – Bill P

Matt T.

“This is by far the best dentist I have been to. All of the staff are very friendly and welcoming and the doctor explains everything which is very helpful. I definitely would recommend this dentist to anyone, – Matt T.

Debra W.

“Five + stars! I felt so welcomed and important. The staff could not have been more pleasant and professional. This was by far the best experience I have ever had at a dentist (or doctor’s) office. Other dental and medical offices could learn a lot from how High Peaks Dental puts the patient first.” – Debra W.

Sam F.

“Dr. O’Connor is quite simply the best!! He is personable and professional and puts you at ease…no matter the procedure!! Can’t say enough good about him! Fear Dentistry no more!!!! Everyone from Dr. O’Connor to the entire staff are professional, understanding and positive. Pleasant experiences on each visit!” – Sam F.

Richard D.

“Dr. Beanan and Melissa were tremendous. As an somewhat anxious old fart, they were patient and professional. I had one root canal previously and this procedure was absolutely awesome as compared to the last. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend High Peaks Dental to friends. Thank You Dr. Beanan and Melissa for making this treatment as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Cudos” – Richard D.

Kristin N.

“Dr.O’Neill made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and did an awesome job! Ill be back and I am bringing my husband and son too!” -Kristin N

Miranda G.

“I have been to High Peaks 3 times and have had a great experience every time!!! It was not at my exact time, but almost a minute or two after being acknowledged, I was called in for my appointment. The least amount of waiting I have experienced at an appointment! I only called to let them know that I would be at my appointment and they treated me like I was an old friend calling but was professional at the same time” -Miranda G.

B. Servadio

-5 stars for this group and their top notch service. I was reluctant to change dentists after my recent move into the area even though it would have been a 4 and a half hour drive to keep my dentist but I am glad I did. I am very impressed with everyone there.

-Deep cleaning was suggested by the hygienist and I wanted to review the information first; however I will schedule my next cleaning with this practice within the next 2 weeks.

-In spite of the fact that I walked in late for my appointment I was greeted very warmly and by name. Everyone in the office is pleasant and friendly.
–B. Servadio

Carolyn K.

“Dr. Connor was very nice.”


“Tammy and Karen where very helpful, inviting and professional”

“Very Hospitable….and welcoming…ask for coffee, were to hang or could they hang my jacket and told me were the restrooms were… ”

“The two ladies kept me company and visited with me while waiting…very nice and felt very welcome and that they cared….”

“Was very pleased with everything and everyone..never felt so welcomed and that someone cared as I did there…this is very unusual today….was highly respected…..”

“I GIVE High Peak Dental a 5+”

-Carolyn Kane

Penny P.

“I found myself with a sudden broken tooth-situation and I wasn’t expecting to be able to be seen so early ~ a fantastic surprise in keeping with the high level of service I’ve come to expect in this office. All the staff are very focused on making things as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Great results!”

Jane L.

“Beautiful facility and I was treated like a Queen!!! :-)”
“I am an R.N. and new to this area. My entire experience at High Peaks Dental was excellent …. Highly recommend! ”



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